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Furniture Restoration

Furniture Restoration in Northern Virginia

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A Quality Finish specializes in furniture restoration, whether it’s a sentimental antique piece that has been in your family for years or a custom kitchen table that you invested in years ago. As industry leaders in furniture restoration for almost three decades, A Quality Finish has developed a reputation for excellence.

Just as there are many different types of furniture, there are different types of restoration. From conservation to complete refinishing and everything in between, AQF is well-versed in restoration practices that are custom tailored to individual situations. A more minimalistic approach could include clean, repair and touch-up versus the refinishing which involves stripping, sanding, stain and new finish. An odor control process called Ozoning and mold remediation are also used when necessary. AQF is well equipped with professional equipment, the best materials and all the resources our team of exceptional craftsmen need to restore all types of furniture.

Before and After

We believe that how you feel about your furniture matters, we have dedicated ourselves to restoring furniture and protecting the memories you associate with them. Understanding the value of a piece cannot be measured purely in economic terms, therefore we respect each piece’s history and integrity by carefully noting how you want the restoration to look. Whether we’re dealing with a family heirloom or even those flea market treasures, they are safe in the hands of A Quality Finish. 

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Fire and Water Damaged Furniture Restoration

Our Northern Virginia office houses our expert team ensuring your furniture is restored after almost any damage, including fire loss, water and storm damage. The A Quality Finish team is proficient in fire and water damage restoration, ultimately helping you get back in your property quickly and cost-effectively. We are here for you every step of the way, in many cases providing a more holistic old-fashioned service. A Quality Finish not only restores your furniture but helps with storage of your contents during the reconstruction process of your home after a fire or water loss.

Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration

We like to think our services go beyond just restoration. Our client’s furniture represents a substantial investment, especially antiques or even true period pieces. We have a team of master craftsmen as well as a “state of the art” facility equipped to assist in handpicking colors and finishes. Whether your furniture has light to moderate damage, or has completely lost its functionality, A Quality Finish can return it to its original beauty. 

Choosing the right restoration firm is of paramount importance when it comes to protecting your favorite pieces. By utilizing a “constant education philosophy” only the best products and proven techniques are shared throughout the AQF staff. Rest assured that we have the skills necessary to breathe new life into your furniture restoring it to its former glory.

Our Furniture Restoration Process

For furniture restoration, there are a multitude of restoration procedures, but in the case of a complete refinishing we’ve laid out our basic step by step process below. Before we start the actual restoration process, we tag each item in our inventory and perform a color sample matchup to ensure a color match upon completion. After the tagging and color sample match-up process we then focus on our basic dismantling step i.e., removal of doors, drawers and hardware, etc.

When searching for a furniture restoration company in Virginia, we have the expertise and experience to restore any piece of furniture at our warehouse in Manassas, VA. You can get an estimate here or give us a call at (703) 335-2085.

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