Thank you for your patronage. A Quality Finish is moving locations. For emergencies please call our office at (703) 335-2085. Thank you for your patience – Joseph Stephanian (Owner)

Our Expertise

A Quality Finish invests in its employees as much as it invests in doing business, knowing that both are dependent on one another.  Each team member is carefully vetted to ensure our company standards are maintained.  Many employees have been with the company for 10+ years and have seen the significant growth the company has enjoyed. 

Joe Stephanian sets the bar high for customer service and excellence and expects nothing less from his team.  As such, A Quality Finish is often considered the standard in their industry.  Moreover, many of our refinishers are accomplished artisans in their own right and this is clearly reflected in our end product.

“Trust, respect, expertise, credibility and stability are all cornerstones of any successful business. These values provide our clients with an assurance that they will receive the service and quality they expect and have entrusted to a business. It speaks volumes when a business is the first choice of disaster restoration companies and insurance claims adjusters. A Quality Finish is such a company. We look forward to working with you.”

– Joe Stephanian, Owner

Experts in Finishing and Restoration