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Having specialized in water, fire, and storm damage for over 13 years, our team of restoration experts have built a reputation for excellence with furniture and exceptional customer service. 

Fire & Water

Fire & Water Restoration – It’s What We Do.

As specialists in the disaster restoration industry, A Quality Finish continues to breathe new life into damaged furniture on all levels. Like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, our goal is to restore your cherished pieces back to their former glory to be enjoyed for years to come. With our team of restoration experts, we have a broad spectrum of specialized skills that can handle almost any situation and have built a reputation for excellence in quality and care. Despite the overwhelming scene left behind by fire, water or storm damage, AQF is here to help in the restoration of your furniture and the restoration of your sense of normal.

Just as there are many different types of furniture, there are different types of restoration. From conservation to complete refinishing and everything in between, AQF is well-versed in restoration practices that are custom tailored to individual situations. A more minimalistic approach could include clean, repair and touch-up versus the refinishing which involves stripping, sanding, stain and new finish. An odor control process called Ozoning and mold remediation are also used when necessary. AQF is well equipped with professional equipment, the best materials and all the resources our team of exceptional craftsmen need to restore all types of furniture.

Architectural Millwork Finishing

Millwork Finishing – It’s All In The Details.

We specialize in custom finishing millwork designed for office and hotel lobbies, conference tables and bars,  as well as any custom cabinetry. We consider our facility and equipment an extension of our client’s production room, allowing for high volume production with assembly line speed to meet a client deadline.  Understanding the importance of finish consistency while matching color and sheen to existing pieces is key to our successful relationships with customer millwork companies.   

Our services include  pre-catalyzed lacquer, conversion varnish and 2-part polyurethane to polyester.  Offering the options for finish and color customization on any project is the cornerstone of our service package. We encourage all clients to visit our facility and experience first-hand our finishing processes, view our varied color and finish samples,  and meet our outstanding team.

Experts in Finishing and Restoration