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Conference Table Restoration Case Study

A Quality Finish was called in to present a proposal for the restoration of this 18 ft. Cherry Wood “Boat Shaped” Conference Table. Our client was located in beautiful Lansdowne Virginia. This table specifically was located in a third floor level conference room making it somewhat difficult to remove the two 9ft sections along with the three-cylinder base sections.  With our “faculty of skill” and a lot of muscle, we successfully navigated all the obstacles involved with pick-up and delivery.

Conference Table Concerns Before Restoration

The client was concerned about the ability to restore due to the years of wear and tear, as well as their desire to change the color that would complement the new tones of their upgraded commercial space. We assured them that due to the quality of this table it would not only be cost effective to restore, but our level of confidence would be very high in achieving their goal.

Clearly the table was used for many years, showing all the usual markings such as scratches, dings and scrapes, along with spills, coffee cup rings and pizza box blushing.
Conference Table Before Restoration

How did we refinish this conference table?

  • Each section was hand stripped followed by a solvent wash removing all the chemical residue.
  • Light sanding is always the best practice especially with paper thin veneers.  In this case our client was interested in removing the reddish tone and replacing it with something more medium walnut toned.
  • To achieve a closer match to their color sample panel, we needed to apply two coats of an A-B wood bleach that would ultimately helped kill the natural reddish undertones.
  • We successfully hit the base color tone making it easier to lay on our next step which was a color matching toner.  This color was pre-mixed into a gravity fed cup gun. The application is performed by one of our more experienced finishers. Achieving the walnut tone on a cherry veneer that was stained years before with a significant amount of reddish pigment needed just one more step to pull-off the final color match.
  • This was one quick application of a blue toner mix that kills the orange and gives the illusion of deeper browns.
  • Clear sealers are used in between all these steps followed by light scuffing or sanding.
  • A final clear top coat was applied to seal in all previous steps and of course to achieve the final desired sheen.  Sometimes a second clear coat is required just for good measure.
Conference Table After Restoration
Conference Table After Restoration

A Quality Finish specializes in the repair and restoration of conference tables, in many cases bringing these valued tables back to “like new” condition.  So many times our clients have shared that their research has proven to show restoration to be the most cost effective route.  If you find yourself in this position of trying to upgrade your office decor either restoring an existing table or purchasing a higher quality used table at a discounted rate.  Please feel free to upload your pictures and share your ideas with us via our Website.

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