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Furniture Restoration Alexandria VA

This loss was located in Alexandria VA, not far from the Mount Vernon area. A Quality Finish was called in to provide furniture restoration services for their antique wood items.

Fire Damage Restoration in Alexandria VA

As in many house fires, there is this thing that happens when a fire is isolated in an interior location. With a flame rapidly growing and gobbling up all the oxygen, it produces these currents of heat, smoke and soot, moving from room to room touching everything in its path. The industry calls this an “Oxygen starved fire”. In this case, it was an antique secretary desk that caught fire adding to the intense heat and smoke. As you can imagine, all the woods, papers, plastics, synthetic fabrics including the paints and coatings are all a part of this dance. These fine furnishings get covered in thick smoke and black soot, as well as being baked by the heat causing damage to the finish that cannot always be cleaned out. This was certainly the case with this loss.
After Kerester Furniture Restoration

Furniture Restoration in Alexandria VA

Our service starts with the photographing and inventorying of each item. Properly dismantling each section of each piece. Many pieces require stripping the damaged finish completely before building the color and finish back up to match the original.  Others that carry a more significant age, quality and value would go through a more strategic restoration focused on conserving as much as the original patina as possible.  With this loss, it required every service that we offer to handle such a wide array of wood working and finishes including lacquers, varnishes, polys, paints, faux finishes and distressed finishes as well as fabrics and reupholstering.

Streamlined Restoration Process

This claim started out to be very difficult for the insureds, not unlike most people that go through such an ordeal. Having multiple contractors coming and going in and out of your home that just a couple hours before was quite warm, cozy and private.  This reality can really rock some people making it almost impossible to trust anyone. I’m very proud of our staff, having the ability to hold it together without tarnishing our reputation throughout this entire process. As I tell all our clients “what we offer is a very simple service and we promise that our part will be the most painless experience that you will have to endure”.

The Outcome of our Fire Damage Furniture Restoration Service

This claim was a large loss handled through USAA Insurance starting with an electrical fire that started in the basement caused by a faulty cord on an old lamp. These fine folks sustained a considerable amount of damage from this fire with intense heat and soot, not to mention all the water and wet debris that historically follows after the emergency crews extinguish the fire. This loss put them out of their home for well over one year. The insureds had spent their entire careers traveling the world collecting a multitude of period pieces and antiques that they and their family held in high regard. A Quality Finish successfully restored over 100 pieces of furniture to their complete satisfaction. I am also proud to now call them our friends.
When searching for a furniture restoration company in Virginia, we have the expertise and experience to restore any piece of furniture at our warehouse in Manassas, VA. You can get an estimate online or give us a call at (703) 335-2085.

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